How to Feed Old Horses?

Answer A veteran horse often requires a little extra care with his diet. As a horse ages, his teeth become longer and looser, and he often experiences difficulty in grazing. The digestive system of an eld... Read More »

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How to Feed Horses Seaweed?

Shetland ponies in the Scottish Isles traditionally ate fresh seaweed for centuries, and it was said to endow them with their unusual strength. However, modern horse owners should not feed fresh s... Read More »

How to Feed Oats & Corn to Horses?

Horses are grazing animals. They are happiest and healthiest eating small meals throughout the day, and grass and hay should form the basis of their diet. This is true whether they are kept at past... Read More »

How to Feed a Horse Treats Around Other Horses?

Perhaps your horse is one of those that will not accept the halter until you bribe him with a treat. Maybe this horse also lives in a mini-paddock with another horse, who is always trying to eat yo... Read More »

How much horse feed do miniature horses require?

An adult miniature horse weighs 200 lbs. and should receive 2 to 4 pounds of feed a day. Feed the miniature horse in accordance with its body composition. The horse should have a moderate body comp... Read More »