How to Feed Female Red Tail Boas?

Answer According to the website, redtail boas are among the most tame and manageable of pet snakes available for purchase. Caring for a redtail boa requires time, consistency, money and ... Read More »

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How much do you feed an 8-month-old female horse?

The amount of feed required for an 8-month-old female horse is based on weight, activity and breed. Most horses consume 2 to 2.3 percent of their body weight in feed per day. The daily ration cons... Read More »

Why Do Male Cardinals Feed Female Cardinals?

Cardinals are one of the most easily recognized bird in North America. The male is a bright red with a black "face," while the brownish female has an obvious red beak and reddish highlights. As see... Read More »

Where do boas live?

The boa constrictor, a snake that can grow to be 13 feet long, can be found in Central and South America, from Northern Mexico to Argentina. Boas can survive in varied habitats, including deserts, ... Read More »

Do boas have fangs?

A boa constrictor does not have fangs or venom, but it does have sharp teeth. A boa constrictor uses its body to suffocate its prey. It tightens against an animal when the animal exhales, preventin... Read More »