How to Feed Female Red Tail Boas?

Answer According to the website, redtail boas are among the most tame and manageable of pet snakes available for purchase. Caring for a redtail boa requires time, consistency, money and ... Read More »

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How much do you feed an 8-month-old female horse?

The amount of feed required for an 8-month-old female horse is based on weight, activity and breed. Most horses consume 2 to 2.3 percent of their body weight in feed per day. The daily ration cons... Read More »

Why Do Male Cardinals Feed Female Cardinals?

Cardinals are one of the most easily recognized bird in North America. The male is a bright red with a black "face," while the brownish female has an obvious red beak and reddish highlights. As see... Read More »

Who was Franz Boas?

Franz Boas (1858-1942) was an anthropologist particularly known for his studies of the Kwakiutl Indians of Canada. Other work included a position as assistant curator of ethnology and somatology fo... Read More »

Do boas have fangs?

A boa constrictor does not have fangs or venom, but it does have sharp teeth. A boa constrictor uses its body to suffocate its prey. It tightens against an animal when the animal exhales, preventin... Read More »