How to Feed Deer?

Answer Whether you just want to feed deer that frequent your property, or you want to establish a small-scale preserve to photograph and observe them, there are certain steps to follow to successfully pur... Read More »

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How to Feed an Orphaned Deer?

Taking care of an orphaned deer is not as hard as it may seem at first. Fawns are usually not orphaned by their mother, unless the doe has been killed or is severely injured. Should you see a fawn ... Read More »

How to Feed Deer in Ohio?

The white-tailed deer is a significant part of Ohio history, providing food, clothing and materials for tools (antlers and bones) for Native Americans. In fact, the Ohio General Assembly named the ... Read More »

What time of day do deer feed?

Deer usually feed from just before sunset until after dark and again right about sunrise. Deer have been known to feed late into the night under a full moon. Cold weather in the winter can cause de... Read More »

Is it illegal to feed deer?

Feeding animals in the wild is not illegal, but feeding them for hunting purposes may be. In some states, attracting animals to a certain location with food is considered "baiting" and is not legal... Read More »