How to Feed Adult Bearded Dragons?

Answer Bearded dragons are medium-size lizards that do well with a minimal level of care. They are easy lizards to rear, making them an ideal choice for the first-time reptile keeper. They are omnivorous,... Read More »

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How to Feed Bearded Dragons Romaine Lettuce?

Despite its intriguing folklore-inspired name, bearded dragons enjoy a diet rich in leafy greens--not unsuspecting hunters searching for dragon-protected treasure. Romaine lettuce adds a substantia... Read More »

How to Ship Bearded Dragons?

You may be wondering how to ship bearded dragons, well it is not too hard of a task!

How to Breed Bearded Dragons?

Breeding animals is a hobby for many people. Breeding lizards can also be very interesting. It is not the normal animal to breed, but it is challenging, fun, and exciting. One of the many reasons w... Read More »

How to Care for Bearded Dragons?

A relaxed Beard Dragon basking in the hot sunBearded dragons originate from the mid-deserts of Australia and are the most popular choice for a reptile pet. This is because of their extreme kindness... Read More »