How to Faux Paint a Room?

Answer Painting faux textures and effects on your room walls is one way to create an environment that is uniquely you. Faux techniques allow you to create the look and feel of other surfaces, even on flat... Read More »

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How do I faux paint with stainless steel paint on appliances?

PreparationSand and treat any rust spots, and remove all of the handles. Cover the logos, hardware, decals and trim pieces with painter's tape. Clean with soap and water, and let the appliances dry... Read More »

How to Faux Paint?

Faux Painting, color blending or washing in multiple colors can add a nice accent to your home. Here's how to do it.

How do i faux paint marble?

Apply Base ColorBefore applying any finish, the surface should be cleaned and primed. Apply the base color for your faux marble finish. Generally, the base color will be the lightest color. The ... Read More »

How to Paint a Faux Stone?

Stones are popular features in landscaping. But large landscaping stones can be expensive or difficult to find in any given area of the country. A popular substitute for real landscaping stones is ... Read More »