How to Faux Finish a Wall for a Spanish, Mediterranean, or Southwestern Look?

Answer If you have been trying to faux finish one of your bathroom, or any room of your house, you might be interested in the following tips.

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How to Drag a Faux Finish?

Artists and artisans of the 18th century popularized the decorative painting of dragging. Dragging achieves a variety of different effects, including wood grain and fine stripes. For strie, also ca... Read More »

How to Create a Faux Finish With a Rag?

Sample of negative raggingKnown as "Ragging", this simple faux finish is accomplished by blotting off the paint/glaze in a negative removal manner which creates a mottled effect.

Can you faux finish a ceiling?

It is possible to apply a faux finish to a ceiling. Faux finishing refers to the use of paint to create the illusion of depth or texture. The paint can be applied as a simple decorative texture or ... Read More »

Faux Finish Directions?

The art of faux finishing provides a specialized look to a room's walls or ceiling with the use of paint. These finishes can make ordinary drywall look like silk, denim or even a cloudy sky. Accord... Read More »