How to Fasten to Stucco?

Answer Stucco is a popular type of exterior wall covering used in home construction in certain parts of the United States. It is a sand and cement mixture with a glue base that spreads over concrete block... Read More »

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Can you spray stucco over existing stucco?

You can apply a new layer of stucco over existing stucco, allowing you to refresh a wall without the hassle of removing the old stucco. Stucco is a masonry mixture of sand, cement and water. When a... Read More »

How do I fasten a maple countertop?

Drilling CountertopDrill 3/16 inch diameter pilot holes--small holes to guide the drill later in installation--into the maple countertop before installing. Space the holes, starting at the corner, ... Read More »

How to Fasten Lace Curtains?

Fastening lace or net curtains in place over the curtain poles is easily achieved with the use of fine wire hairpins for a satisfactory, invisible look.

How do I fasten grab bars around a tub?

PreparationLocate the wall studs. Studs are usually located 16 inches apart. If the grab bars are 16 inches, they will install perfectly horizontally. If they are longer than 16 inches, install the... Read More »