How to Fasten a Maple Countertop?

Answer A new hardwood countertop is often a key element in a kitchen remodeling project. Maple's intricate grain patterns and subtle warm colors make it one of the most popular hardwoods for countertop co... Read More »

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How do I fasten a maple countertop?

Drilling CountertopDrill 3/16 inch diameter pilot holes--small holes to guide the drill later in installation--into the maple countertop before installing. Space the holes, starting at the corner, ... Read More »

How to Fasten a Marble Countertop Backsplash?

A marble countertop and backsplash gives a kitchen or bathroom a timeless, natural quality. Marble is also extremely dense, making it strong and long lasting. If you have a marble backsplash that i... Read More »

Are Japanese maple trees hard maple or soft maple?

The Japanese maple tree (Acer palmatum) is a hard maple. The Japanese maple is a slow-growing tree, and as Clemson University explains, "slow-growing maples have hard wood." The wood is about as ha... Read More »

What countertop fits on top of the existing countertop?

A company called Granite Transformations makes countertops that fit over existing countertops. The countertops are custom cut and can be installed in 1 to 2 days without any demolition. Granite Tra... Read More »