How to Fandub Movies?

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How to Make a Fandub?

Fandubs are similar to Fansubs. The major difference is that instead of adding subtitles, you change the language track. This is done occasionally in anime, or as form of satire on YouTube. Fandubs... Read More »

How to Make an Instrumental Karaoke/Fandub Ready?

Singing can be lots of fun!Do you have a song on your computer that you just have to sing, but can't find an instrumental version anywhere? Do you love to fandub, but can't find the fandub ready of... Read More »

I wont to watch lots of movies suggest all of your best movies?

Fight ClubDistrict 9DriveThe PrestigeLittle Miss SunshineDonnie DarkoThree Kings (1999)Brick (Indie film in 2005 if you have trouble)Pulp FictionInglorious BasterdsDjango UnchainedSchindler's ListS... Read More »

Which director has the most movies in your top 30 favorite movies of all time?

I only have a top 20 for sure. I haven't yet written 21-30 in stone.The strange thing is, just almost every one is by a different director.There are 2 by Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange & 2001)There ar... Read More »