How to Fan a Single Action Revolver?

Answer You've seen cowboys in movies do it, but probably never really noticed it. "Fanning" it a technique used to bring up the rate of fire for Single Action Revolvers, where you continually cock it righ... Read More »

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Are single or double action revolvers better?

On One Hand: Quick ShootingAccording to classic shooter Ed McGivern, the double-action revolver has the advantage when rapid firing is essential or during high-stress situations. This is because un... Read More »

Who makes Charles Daly single-action Western revolvers?

Charles Daly single-action Western revolvers have been produced under trademark since 1956 by Pennsylvania-based KBI, Inc., which makes and imports a variety of rifles, shotguns and semiautomatic p... Read More »

How to Shoot a Revolver?

Shooting a revolver comes naturally for some, while others need some instruction. This article will tell you how to load and shoot a revolver.

How to Clean a Revolver?

When you use your revolver it's going to get dirty. A dirty gun may not fire when you need it to, and what is the point of having a gun that won't fire. Also, a dirty handgun won't have as good of ... Read More »