How to Fall or Break Something in the Middle of a Crowd?

Answer Have you ever been walking around, in Target for example, and you suddenly fall over on your face. How can you do that without looking like a joke?

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Have you ever taken a bad fall, but did not break anything just bruised?

I took a Nasty fall to my lower leg once, after I was not using common sense and holding on my shower curtain rod, standing on the edge of my bathtub to do something. I fell very hard onto the sink... Read More »

How to Fall in Love After a Break Up?

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How can i fall down stairs and not break any bones?

You are asking for trouble I think.There is nothing you can do to guarantee you don't break a bone or cause even more serious or permanent injuries. Whatever it is that your actually worried about ... Read More »

How to Break a Headfirst Fall or Dive?

Have you ever fallen down the stairs? Gotten into a fight with someone two times bigger than you? If you fall down the stairs headfirst, what would you do? What if he threw you away headfirst? This... Read More »