How to Fall off of Your Skateboard Safely?

Answer Are you ever worried about falling off a skateboard? Getting scraped up? Well this article is perfect for you, this article will show you how to land safely and painlessly after or during your fall... Read More »

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How to Fall Safely?

Knowing how to fall safely (also known as "breaking one's fall") is useful for close encounters, such as street fights and sparring matches—or simply if you are clumsy-footed.

How to Fall off a Horse Safely?

Every rider will fall off a horse at least once in their lifetime so you need to be prepared!

How to Fall off a Horse Safely (the Western Way)?

Most riders fall off at some point, particularly when learning to ride. Here are some tips on how to avoid injuring yourself if you do fall.

Day fall after one day night fall.. What to do soo scared about immidatly?

you did not give us enough information. if you fall down a lot, talk to your doctor. hope you are alright.