How to Fall Asleep with Insomnia at a Young Age?

Answer A child trying to sleepThis is how to go to sleep with insomnia at a young age (6-14)

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I can't fall asleep, do I have insomnia?

If you watch a lot of tv before you go to sleep, this could be the problem. TV stimulates your mind, and that's not great for going to bed.

How to fall asleep for a young teenager?

What time do you do weight training? Do it an hour before you go to sleep then go for a shower. Apparently it takes 45 minutes for showers to have a 'soothing' effect and help you sleep, so do some... Read More »

How long does it take you to fall asleep. what are some tricks so fall asleep faster?

It can take me up to an hour to fall asleep. But I have noticed that If I leave the tv on with the volume down really low that helps me fall asleep. I also like the sound of a fan it is almost rela... Read More »

If I make my foot fall asleep and let it stay asleep for a while can that be bad?

Please disregard the previous posts, for the most part they are incorrect/uninformed.The tingling and eventual numbness you feel is due to lack of [enough] oxygen in the tissue. Your limb falls as... Read More »