How to Fakie Shuv It on a Skateboard?

Answer Shuvit's are sort of poser tricks, but they look awesome to people who don't know skater terms so you might want to learn it!!!!

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How to Fakie Ollie on a Skateboard?

Okay, so reading this article I will assume you never attempted a Fakie Ollie. A Fakie Ollie is like a Nollie except your switch stance through the whole trick. So you can call it a 'Backwards Olli... Read More »

How to Fakie Crook on a Skateboard?

An awesome vertical trick, the fakie crook, is definitely one worth adding to your repertoire of skateboarding tricks.

How to Do a 180 Pivot Rock to Fakie on a Skateboard?

hi! If you do or do not know how to rock to fakie read this because this article teaches you to rock to fakie and then add a pivot to this cool trick!

How to Do a Rock to Fakie/Board Stall on a Skateboard(Vert)?

The rock to fakie is the first trick you need to learn on the halfpipe, the board stall being a more advanced version of this.