How to Fake a Dizzy Spell to Get out of Work at School?

Answer If you need to get out of doing a test or something else at school, a dizzy spell is the way to do it.

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You started on dec30 and had unprotected sex on jan12 you work three am to three pm when you get to work lately you feel like you need to vomit but never do you had somewhat of a passing out spell?

Answer You could be pregnant, it depends on how many days long your cycle is. i started my period Dec 29th, and ovulated on the 8th and got pregnant. I have short 24 day cycles. So if your cycle i... Read More »

Does spell casting really work?

On One Hand: Spells Are Not Proven By ScienceThere is no proof of any type of spell or curse that has ever actually worked. Magic is, like any spiritual belief, based on faith rather than factual i... Read More »

How can i fake being ill to get a day off school?

we all need a day or two off from school or work but we can't do it. we all have to go to work and go to school. But all you have to do is if your parents leave before you do then just stay home if... Read More »

How to Fake Sick at School?

You really want to go home, but how? Just follow these instructions and you'll be cozy in bed in just a little while!