How to Fake Sneeze on the Person in Front of You?

Answer Do you stand in line, and are always behind the cruelest,meanest, and angriest person in the whole entire world? With these simple steps, you can fix them!

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How to Fake Sneeze?

Convincingly pretending to sneeze is a entertaining party trick, and also a prerequisite of a successful fake sick routine.

How many times a person can sneeze in a minute?

When you sneeze, do you sneeze once, twice or three times?

You really should have been an efficiency expert APG! Directing word traffic on your sneezes is cool. I personally am a 2 sneeze kind of guy, always seem to come in pairs. (Come in pairs doesn't so... Read More »

Can a person fake diabetes?

NO, There is no way someones blood sugar would be this high and they did not have diabetes. That is a deadly high blood sugar and this is what is called diabetic ketoacidosis and this is a deadly c... Read More »