How to Fake Sick at School?

Answer You really want to go home, but how? Just follow these instructions and you'll be cozy in bed in just a little while!

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How to Fake Sick when You Are Too Lazy to Go to School?

Lights flicker on, no one is seen lying in their bed, the blankets are in a heap, and you canhear some muffled sounds. "Get up!" Your mother cries. The muffled sounds are a little bit clearer, as t... Read More »

How to Fake Sick to the School Nurse?

Don't forget the Kleenex! Maybe you're feeling bad but it's not bad enough to stay home. Keep reading on tips to get the nurse to let you go home.Every so often, students may need to fake an illnes... Read More »

How to Fake Sick and Miss School Successfully?

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How to Fake Sick to Stay Home from School?

Don't want to go to school today? Not feeling the best? Or maybe you're just feeling lazy? Here are a couple steps to make sure you can fake sick and get away with it.