How to Fake Rip a Book Cover?

Answer On April Fools, do you want to make it look like you just ripped the book cover of your friend/family/teacher's very expensive/valuable book? Well, here's a simple way how, without causing any dama... Read More »

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How to Cover a Book With a Book Cloth?

While books can take you worlds away, they aren't immune to the everyday battering and beatings of real life. Creating a book cover for your beloved books is a great way to protect them from harm. ... Read More »

What is a piano fake book?

A piano fake book is a collection of music that usually features the lyrics of a song, the melody line and the chords that accompany the melody. Fake books are popular because they generally are ea... Read More »

What would you do if some one made a fake face book account in your name?

I don't think legal action can be taken unless you can prove liable damages..Lots of people out there with the same name as you and I have..I canceled my account because it always got into my spam ... Read More »

How to Cover a Book?

Covering a book can be such an annoying task - especially cutting out the little square inserts for the spine. Little did you know, there is a far simpler method for protecting your textbooks.