How to Fake Being a Security Guard?

Answer Ever tried to convince someone that you work as security for a night club, restaurant, high school, etc.? Probably not, right? Well, this article is for fun, you know, like pranks and stuff...

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What Convictions Keep You From Being a Security Guard?

Security guards serve to guard and protect, much like a police officer. According to, a security guard is a uniformed officer whose duties are to protect people and buildings. Like a... Read More »

Is security guard company responsible for items stolen while their guard was on duty?

You will need to read the contract for services to determine the liability of the security company.

If a security guard company is 'bonded' are they financially responsible for items stolen while their guard was on duty?

Answer In General a security company coud be considered liable for a theft while on duty, However there is usually a clause or disclaimer in the security contractors contract that would wave such l... Read More »

Would being an MP in the National Guard help increase your chances of being hired in Dea?

Honestly, it's a bit doubtful, but it can't hurt, either.