How to Fade a Tan on Your Face?

Answer If you have gotten a bit too much sun, the result can be a tan on your face. All tans will eventually fade. As dead skin cells slough off, so will your tan. However, if you wish to hasten the proce... Read More »

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How to Fade Sun Damage on Face?

Sun damage on the face is caused by exposure to UV rays. When your skin is exposed to UV radiation it produces extra melanin to prevent sun burns, and this excess melanin can cause premature signs... Read More »

How to Fade Age Spots on Your Face?

Age spots are usually a result of years of sun damage. They usually make a person look older and more self-conscious as a result. The good news is that there are several treatment methods that yiel... Read More »

How to Fade Age Spots on Face and Hands?

Age spots form on the face and hands when years of sun exposure result in increased melanin. Hyperpigmentation occurs in all skin colors and in people of any race. Several treatment methods yield p... Read More »

What's the best way to get a sunburn on your face to fade quickly?

The best and quickest way is to massage as thoroughly as you are able with olive oil. It is a natural healer contains many essential nutrients that heal and restore and is a perfect natural moistur... Read More »