How to Fade Tattoos?

Answer Tattoos have become a great avenue for self-expression. However, what seems like a good idea at the time often turns to regret when a tattoo no longer has meaning or just does not look good anymor... Read More »

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Do black tattoos fade at all, or will they still be nice and black well into the future?

Tattoo poll: Do you prefer color tattoos, or black and grey tattoos?

I only have colour tatts I love frogs and they just would not be the same in black shades. but I love some of the grey/black ones. My tatts are as vibrant as when I got them as I look after them.

Why do fools who don't like tattoos answer questions in the "Tattoos" section?

Really.My favorite is when people pull the, "They'll look awful when you're older...have you thought about THAT??" line. It's like, "Yes, yes I have. And I have decided I would much rather live my ... Read More »

People with tattoos,how many hours of work do you have invested in your tattoos?

I have 14 tattoos. Probably about 33-35 hours worth. And I am not done yet. :)