How to Fade Surgery Scars?

Answer A scar occurs when new skin cells form to heal wounds from cuts, scrapes and surgical incisions. Any surgical procedure can result in a scar, depending on your surgeon's technique and your body's ... Read More »

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Is there any way to fade scars?

you need to attack scars while theyre still pink - this means that the scars will be very receptive to anti-scarring treatments. i recommend bio-oil, simply follow the instructions and you will not... Read More »

Do lemons really help fade scars?

yes they say lemon peels do help fade scars, and acne scars really well. i also tried palmers coco butter and that sort of works to Good luck!!!

How to Fade Acne Scars?

This is for people intending to reduce their facial scars to the extent their body will allow. I prefer a natural approach using the types of materials that you'd be able to find in most local shop... Read More »

How to Fade Scars at Home?

Scars develop when you have an injury to your skin such as cuts or acne. Some scars are minimal and go unnoticed; others stand out and become a nuisance. Left untreated, the scar will become perman... Read More »