How to Fade Dark Blemishes on Skin?

Answer We all get blemishes and discoloration on our skin. There are many factors in why we get dark spots and blemish marks. From the sun to age to scarring from less than perfect skin in our youth, thes... Read More »

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How to Remove Dark Skin Blemishes and Spots?

Dark skin blemishes, spots and other skin markings are common on some individuals. Such skin spots may be caused by a variety of skin health factors. These include genetics, aging, diet and skin da... Read More »

How to Fade Dark Spots on the Skin?

Dark spots on the skin, also called age or liver spots, appear as a result of the pigment melanin forming deposits darker than the surrounding skin. Such concentrations often form due to sun radia... Read More »

Natural Way to Fade Dark Spots on Skin?

Dark spots, sometimes called age spots or liver spots, can appear on your skin at any age and at any time. Avoid them by using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher 30 minutes before going out in t... Read More »

How to Fade and Lighten Dark Skin on Knees & Elbows?

Rough, dark skin patches on the elbows and knees can be uncomfortable, unsightly and embarrassing. These dark areas of skin form when dead skin cells accumulate on skin that's dry and not exfoliate... Read More »