How to Factor a Polynomial Test?

Answer In Algebra II, you will often be asked to factor a polynomial, in order to find its two "roots," or the expressions through which you can find the polynomial's intersection with the x-axis. Factori... Read More »

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How to Factor a Polynomial Expression?

Polynomials are expressions that contain at least two algebraic terms. An example is ax + b, where "a" and "b" are numbers. Factoring a polynomial means writing it as a product of two factors. When... Read More »

How to Factor a Cubic Polynomial?

This is an article about how to factorize a 3rddegree polynomial using the factors of the free term

How to Factor Polynomial Applications?

Polynomials are mathematical expressions that consist of a sum of terms --- sub-expressions that involve a variable. When polynomials are used in problem solving applications, they usually are writ... Read More »

How to Factor Polynomial Equations on a Calculator?

Polynomials are expressions of the form ax^n + .... + bx^2 + cx + d. While calculators are not traditionally set up to allow you to input a polynomial equation and receive a factored version of it,... Read More »