How to Factor a Negative Exponent?

Answer Factoring exponents is a skill you often need to complete an Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 course in high school or college. An exponent is a numeral that indicates how many times you should multiply a va... Read More »

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How to Factor out an Exponent?

An exponent tells the number of times by which the number should be multiplied by itself. The exponent is written in superscript to the upper right of the original number. Exponents are common in m... Read More »

How to Factor When Missing an Exponent?

Algebra can seem a little daunting when you are first learning to factor. Factoring is thrown for an extra loop when the part you must factor has a missing variable. When this happens, you'll need ... Read More »

How to Factor an Exponent Out of a Fraction?

Understanding how to factor fractional exponents is an essential tool, in both high school algebra and in higher-level math. You will need to simplify your numerator and denominator so that both ha... Read More »

How to Distribute a Negative Exponent?

Exponents are numbers that are used to multiply values by a given number of times, as indicated by the exponent's value. You typically work with exponents in an algebra I or algebra II course in hi... Read More »