How to Factor Trinomials Set to Zero?

Answer Polynomials have names that identify how many terms they possess. A trinomial is a polynomial with three terms. The basic form of a trinomial is y = ax² + bx + c, where y is final value of the fun... Read More »

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How to Factor Trinomials With GCF?

The process of factoring a trinomial, or a polynomial with three terms, a^2 +/- 2ab + b^2, is the division of the terms to their prime factors, or their simplest forms. The forms are written as a p... Read More »

How to Factor Trinomials?

In algebra, a trinomial is a polynomial expressed as the sum of three 3 components, or terms. The most familiar type of trinomial is the quadratic (ax^2+bx+c), but not all trinomials are quadratic.... Read More »

How to Factor Trinomials on a TI-83?

Trinomials are polynomial equations that have exactly three terms. To find the solutions (also called roots, x-intercepts, and zeros) to trinomials, you must often factor them. There are a couple o... Read More »

How to Factor Trinomials That Equal Zero?

Factoring a trinomial expression, or an expression with three terms in it, is an essential math skill; it's useful when solving equations. Some of the easier factorizations can be memorized. Howeve... Read More »