How to Factor Square Roots in a Denominator?

Answer Simplifying fractions is a common mathematical task that is taught as early as upper elementary school. You may have to factor fractions all the way through college in various math classes. If you ... Read More »

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How to Factor Out Square Roots?

The square root of a number is another value that, multiplied by itself, gives the first number. The square root of a number is shown by putting the radical symbol "√" in front of that number, an... Read More »

How to Add Square Roots Together?

You can perform all the usual mathematical operations on square roots, including addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. But because the radical sign over the square root represents a m... Read More »

Help With Square Roots in Math?

The square root -- a basic but vital concept in mathematics -- goes back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Used in different types of math, square roots solve complex equations such as quadrati... Read More »

How to Divide Square Roots?

Dividing square roots is similar to simplifying a fraction to lowest terms... but with a twist: we never leave a radical in the denominator of a fraction.