How to Factor Quadratics With a Worksheet?

Answer Quadratics or quadratic equations are polynomials that follow the basic formula ax(squared) + bx + c. In this formula the first x is raised to the second power and the a, b and c simply stand for d... Read More »

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How to Graph Quadratics with Exponents?

Quadratic equations (also known as second-degree equations), when graphed, will always plot out as a parabola, a curved shape that looks like the letter U. Plotting a parabola requires that you are... Read More »

Help with Excel 2003 Worksheet Password Protection?

Instead of writing up a bunch of VBA code from scratch, and then testing it to see that it works correctly, before pasting it here for you to use, it would be much easier to repair the code you are... Read More »

How to Create a Bar Graph From a Table With a Tally Marks Worksheet?

A tally marks worksheet is a worksheet that has a list of categories in a table, along with a number of tally marks indicating how many items are in each category. The tally marks are usually place... Read More »

I'm Unable to Open an Email Attachment With a Microsoft Excel Worksheet?

A Microsoft Excel attachment may not open on your computer for several reasons. The most common problem is a lack of the correct software on your computer. You may also have the correct software bu... Read More »