How to Factor Perfect Cubes?

Answer Perfect cubes are numbers that are formed by multiplying a number N by itself three times. The name comes from the fact that this is the formula for finding the volume of a cube. If the length of o... Read More »

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How to Factor Binomial Cubes?

Factoring cubic equations is significantly more challenging than factoring quadratics -- there are no guaranteed-to-work methods like guess-and-check and the box method, and the cubic equation, unl... Read More »

How to Factor the Difference of Two Cubes?

If you take a high school or college algebra course, you probably will encounter an assignment that involves factoring the difference of cubes. Algebraic expressions that are considered cubes are t... Read More »

How to Factor the Sum or Difference of Two Cubes?

When polynomials have a degree -- the size of the largest exponent -- of two or less, they are relatively easy to factor. When the degree is three or more, factoring becomes more difficult. There a... Read More »

How to Factor Cubes and Squares?

A perfect square trinomial is a function that can be factored into two identical pieces and then expanded the same way.The factoring of perfect squares and cubes is defined with specific rules in m... Read More »