How to Factor Negative Numbers?

Answer Negative numbers factor similarly to positive numbers but the process is slightly different. A negative number will always have one negative factor. The number of factors for a negative number will... Read More »

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How to Factor a Negative Exponent?

Factoring exponents is a skill you often need to complete an Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 course in high school or college. An exponent is a numeral that indicates how many times you should multiply a va... Read More »

How to Factor Binomials With Negative Exponents?

A binomial is a mathematical expression that contains two terms. These terms can include numbers, called constants, and letters, called variables. A binomial is a type of polynomial. An exponent is... Read More »

How to Factor Equations With Negative Exponents?

Most students will have algebra classes for at least one year in high school, while others may take advanced algebra courses and end up studying the subject for two. In either case, mastering the b... Read More »

How to Factor With Negative Fractional Exponents?

An expression with negative exponents can appear complicated to factor, but you can simplify the process by rewriting the terms that contain negative fractional exponents. A number with a negative ... Read More »