How to Factor Inequalities?

Answer Factorization is an invaluable tool in mathematics and one of the keystones of the field of algebra. Knowing the factors of a polynomial set to 0 can give a lot of information about the behavior of... Read More »

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How to Factor Quadratic Inequalities?

A quadratic inequality is a quadratic equation in the form of an inequality. A question like this may have the form ax^2 +bx + c > 0. In this type of problem, factoring the inequality will produce ... Read More »

If factor IV is required for coagulation of blood how is a factor IV deficiency treated?

Hydrocephalus is usually detected at birth, but some cases slip through the net, and aren't diagnosed until later in life, even people into their 70's.Hydrocephalus is usually the result of another... Read More »

Exploratory Factor Analysis & Factor Extraction Techniques?

Factor analysis, a common technique of analysis in behavior, social and natural sciences, is most often performed in its "exploratory" form. This form allows a researcher to use techniques to extra... Read More »

How to Prime Factor & Get the Least Comon Factor?

Prime factorization is the process of finding what prime numbers multiply to produce a given number. Prime numbers are those numbers that can only be evenly divided by two factors, including one an... Read More »