How to Factor Falling Fuel Prices Into Your Household Activities?

Answer Fuel prices have gone up and down like a yo yo in recent years, with the going up being the more common state of affairs. Although dips in fuel prices are a welcome relief, this is no reason to be ... Read More »

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Are gas prices a deciding factor for buying a car?

On One Hand: Consumer Polls Say YesAccording to a consumer poll by Rasmussen Reports, in June 2009, 80 percent of Americans at least take gas prices into consideration when buying a new car. Forty-... Read More »

Why Fuel Prices Fluctuate?

Fuel prices fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Unlike other commodities, basic energy such as gasoline, natural gas or heating oil, are generally more shifting in their costs as production and dis... Read More »

How to Hedge Fuel Prices?

Fuel prices are something that affects almost everyone, and they are also extremely volatile.If you want to fix your costs, you can hedge by buying oil stock or by saving money. It is of vital impo... Read More »

What percentage of fuel prices are taxes?

Taxes can substantially add to the price of gasoline. In general, federal and state taxes add from 15 to 25 percent to the cost of a gallon of fuel. The variation comes from differing tax amounts f... Read More »