How to Factor Cubic Expressions?

Answer Factoring is used for a variety of reasons in algebra -- finding the roots of polynomials, graphing equations and simplifying expressions to name a few. Two of the most basic types of cubic equatio... Read More »

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How to Factor Variable Expressions?

Also known as algebraic factoring, the factoring of variable expressions entails a considerable amount of prior knowledge and poses a challenge to many students. Students typically first encounter ... Read More »

How to Factor Numbers & Expressions?

Factoring is the process of taking a number or expression and breaking it down or dividing it to its simplest form. The process takes its name from the act of determining factors, the combination o... Read More »

How to Factor Expressions Completely?

In algebra, you will come across complicated expressions that use a variety of variables, often taken to exponential powers (such as X squared, X cubed, and so forth). While these expressions may s... Read More »

How to Factor Binomial Expressions?

Binomial expressions are polynomials where the largest exponent is two. These expressions can always be factored into two monomials, although the monomials may involve imaginary numbers. Factoring ... Read More »