How to Facilitate a Drum Circle?

Answer A drum circle requires only two basic elements: people and drums. Drums are easy to find in a lot of small music stores and in the open-air markets outside of the United States; they are readily av... Read More »

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How to Start Up a Drum Circle?

Drum circles are universal. A drum circle is a free/amateur/and communicative gathering of people who come together to make spontaneous music. Anyone can join in, and even share instruments. Every ... Read More »

What Special Relationship Is Seen Between the Radius of the Circle & the Line Tangent to the Circle?

A circle is a figure in which every point on the outside of a circle is an equal distance from the circle's center. The major properties of a circle include diameter, circumference, area, and radiu... Read More »

A circle is 2106 sq ft. find the radius of the circle to the nearest foot (use 3.14 for pi)?

Since area = r*r*pi, and we want to find the radius, let's set this up like an equation, using r as the variable that represents the radius (and the value we're looking for). Let's also write it as... Read More »

What is the meaning of the Vocaloid song Circle You, Circle You?

Well to explain this properly allow me to start off with what it is in reality, and then as a second part what the VOCALOID meaning of the song is so you get a better understanding:Kagome Kagome (a... Read More »