How to Face the Worst if It Comes to You?

Answer Do you want to be capable to face the worst when it comes to you? Just follow these simple steps.

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What is the worst injuries that could happen when punching on the face?

It's not the matter of how many punches, it's the matter of the force behind the blow. TV is not a good idea for a resource, as it's always "acted" out. It can only take one punch to the head or th... Read More »

Is the new youtube layout getting worst and worst?

It's freaking horrible now and I really don't visit YouTube that often anymore because this is just getting out of hand...

What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?

ok is was the most absolute worst day of my life i was riding my bike wen i was like 13 on a gravel road. I looked down to check my speedometer and i was going 90 km/h then i put my gear into 7 and... Read More »

How to Shape Face - Improve the Shape of a Wide Face with Face Exercises and Makeup?

Two inexpensive ways to improve the shape of your face involve facial-exercises and effective makeup application. Here is what you need to learn to make your wide face seem more narrow: ... Read More »