How to Face Life's Problem?

Answer If you are reading this because you are looking for a trouble-free life, then you will be disappointed. Wherever you go, whatever you do, your life will run into problems until your last breath. Bu... Read More »

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Would you accept that your organs would be used to save other people's lifes after you die?

Yes, and my family knows that's what I want, and have a sticker on my license stating that fact. My organs aren't going to do me any good after I'm dead, and if someone else can have a longer and/... Read More »

Do most parents that give up their kids and put them in adoption have good lifes afterwards?

I have a big problem in face book.....?

Is it just something on your wall? You should move your mouse to the top left side of the added comment and you will see a remove button; click it. If the scenario I mentioned wasn't right then I'm... Read More »

Having a problem with dry skin on my face?

lmao I could say something perverted but itd be wrong hahaand dammit you gave me a hard question I had to ask in the game :(