How to Exude Positive Energy?

Answer A positive attitude helps you overcome obstacles and find more joy in life. Negative thinking can have an adverse effect on how others see you and can cause stress and health problems. Staying posi... Read More »

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What Are the Positive Aspects of Using Hydrogen Energy?

An English chemist by the name of Henry Cavendish first recognized hydrogen as a distinctive substance in 1766. Hydrogen offers great potential as a source of energy. Hydrogen energy can be used fo... Read More »

Whats the best way to change my thought energy to positive?

The Homeopathic remedy AURUM MET(Gold) in 30C or 200 potency will make your thoughts positive and you will feel relaxed and full of bright happy thoughts totally without any side effects or complic... Read More »

Do energy drinks test positive for alcohol?

Although not listed in the ingredients, energy drinks do contain small amounts of alcohol. In tests that were conducted on several energy drinks, researchers found levels of alcohol that ranged fro... Read More »

Can An Amp Energy Drink Make The Drug Test Positive?

Drug testing is for illegal drugs, correct?How the hell could they sell an energy drink that contained illegal drugs? Or are you just really not getting the concept of metabolites?