How to Extract the Diagnostic Codes From 1998 3.4 GM Vehicles?

Answer All 1998 General Motors vehicles are compliant with the second generation of On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) codes, When a vehicle's diagnostic system senses a problem, it issues a trouble code and the c... Read More »

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What Do Car Diagnostic Computer Codes Mean?

Car diagnostic computer codes are codes produced by the vehicle's PCM, or Powertrain Control Module. It's a rudimentary computer system which controls the vehicle's engine performance by receiving ... Read More »

How to Clear Diagnostic Codes in a CTS?

The diagnostic codes sent by the Cadillac CTS computer illuminate the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) for emissions related faults. The code is also stored in the power train control module (PCM) ... Read More »

How Can I Read 525 BMW Diagnostic Codes?

A BMW's diagnostic codes can be accessed through the car's data link connection. For 5 series BMW's manufactured in 2009, this outlet is beneath the steering wheel and to the far left. You will hav... Read More »

How to Reset Diagnostic Codes on a Chrysler 300?

The diagnostic codes on a Chrysler 300-series vehicle are stored in the internal memory of the power train control module (PCM). In order to access and reset these codes, an automotive scan tool is... Read More »