How to Extract a Sunken Cork from a Wine Bottle?

Answer This article will describe how to retrieve a cork sunken into an empty wine bottle, using only a plastic bag.

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How do I open a bottle of wine that has a cork that won't budge?

DON'T SMASH THE TOP OFF!Seriously, its dangerous and you'll waste the wine if you get it wrong! =OWarm the top of the bottle up with warm water and try again, if unsuccessful push the cork into the... Read More »

How to Remove Labels from a Wine Bottle?

Feel like removing labels from your wine bottles to give them a clear bright look or to add your own label's easy and simple

How to Flatten the Picture of a Wine Label Scanned from a Bottle?

Removing labels from wine bottles can be done in many ways, from overnight soaking to blow-drying. However, this process requires much time and patience, with an often low success rate - not to men... Read More »

Who invented the cork-lined bottle cap?

William Painter invented the cork-lined Crown Cork bottle cap in 1891. His cork-lined metal cap was economical and prevented beverage spoilage. Painter launched the Crown Cork and Seal Company in 1... Read More »