How to Extract a Broken Ignition Key?

Answer Don't panic if you happen to break the key while it is in the ignition. Keeping a set of auto tools in your glove box or trunk is always wise, and you may already have some simple tools on board th... Read More »

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How to Extract a Broken Drill Bit?

Your project is going great and then all of a sudden, for some reason your drill bit breaks off right in whatever you're working on. Unlike a stuck bolt or screw, a broken drill bit doesn't have a ... Read More »

How do I extract files from a broken RAR?

Using WinRARDownload and install WinRAR (see Resources), a free program for creating and extracting RAR, ZIP and other archive files. Right-click on the RAR file and select "Extract Files." Check t... Read More »

How to Extract a Broken Pipe or Fittings?

Household plastic sewer or water-supply pipes can break or fracture when they get old or if a heavy weight is dropped on them. Copper water-supply pipes can also fracture if they have not been insu... Read More »

How to Extract a Broken High-Strength Stud Bolt?

A broken high-strength stud bolt can present a problem for you. If you cannot remove the stud, you cannot install a new stud into the threaded hole. Drilling out the stud will be difficult because ... Read More »