How to Extend the HDD Space on a Virtual PC?

Answer The Virtual PC Emulator available on versions of Windows 7 allows a user to run more than one operating system on his machine. The size of the Virtual Hard Disk files used by the emulator are set t... Read More »

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What is virtual memory space?

Knowing the jargon used by the experts at the computer store can be impossible. One term frequently used in reference to a computer's capacity is virtual memory space, or virtual disk space. This t... Read More »

How do I free up virtual memory space?

Avoid MultitaskingClose all open program windows other than the program you are currently using. Open windows and programs can use up virtual memory even when you aren't using them.End Unnecessary ... Read More »

How to Travel Virtually to the Space Needle in Microsoft Virtual Earth?

If you are thinking of travelling to the Space Needle in Seattle, WA, or have been there before and would just like to take a walk down memory lane, have a look at it in Microsoft Virtual Earth. On... Read More »

How to Assign a Static IP to a Virtual Machine in Virtual Server 2005?

Microsoft's Virtual Server 2005 supports all versions of Windows from XP to Server 2008. It includes configuration options for all the common workstation and server services. IP addresses identify ... Read More »