How to Extend a Wireless Network?

Answer If you have a large building or a sprawling piece of property and want Internet access throughout, you will probably have to extend a wireless network. This extension will allow you to maintain a s... Read More »

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I have a wireless network and a wired network. I want to extend my wireless range.?

Use another router, and best to use a new SSID and key. If a laptop has both wireless properly configured, it will switch to the strongest one.You could use a router as a switch/access point. Log i... Read More »

How can I extend the length of my wireless network?

yes, you can get booster antennas that will extend the range of your wireless network

Whats the best way to extend a wireless network 40m from a house to a caravan?

You may find that you are within range of the wireless point in the house. If not, obviously the best solution would be to run a cable, but the next best would be to install a high-gain aerial on t... Read More »

How to Extend Wireless Range of a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

Wireless mice and keyboards are important components of home computer systems. Most use a specific radio frequency to communicate with the computer and have an effective range of 30 feet (9.144 m).... Read More »