How to Express a Paralyzed Dog's Bladder?

Answer Dogs who have had spinal cord injuries (common in some breeds, like dachshunds) frequently cannot urinate on their own. The bladder needs to be expressed for two important reasons. 1) An overflowin... Read More »

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Bladder Control in Dogs?

A loss of bladder control in dogs is more common than many dog owners might think. The loss of bladder control may be temporary due to an infection, or it may be something more serious. Knowing t... Read More »

Dogs & Bladder Stones?

Dogs, like people, suffer from bladder stones. Veterinarians refer to these stones as urinary calculi. They form in any section of a dog's urinary tract, but they form most frequently in the bladde... Read More »

Leaky Bladder in Dogs?

A leaky bladder can occur in male and female dogs of any age or breed. Not only can a leaky bladder in a dog be messy, it can also cause skin irritation for the dog. A veterinarian can help determi... Read More »

Bladder Crystals in Dogs?

Both bladder stones and bladder crystals are capable of impacting the general health of a dog, especially in conjunction with infections of the urinary tract, or UTIs. Bladder crystals are compris... Read More »