How to Express Your Love With That Special Someone?

Answer You always have that special someone in mind and don't have any ways to tell them that you love them other then just staring at them all day long? You've Come to the right place. There are many way... Read More »

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How to Express Your Love With Love Poems?

Reading Love PoetryLove is the most beautiful emotion on the earth. To love and to be loved in the nicest thing. When you are loving a person he/she can feel it and give the same thing in return. O... Read More »

In love with someone that won't love me?

you never even met the guy.... this is just a crush you pre-teens smh

How to Get That Special Someone to Go with You to the Dance?

So there you sit, the day before the dance, wishing for that special someone to ask you to go with him/her. But then, you realize that you need to take initiative. Here are few methods on how.

You are in love with a female coworker who in fact she has no idea that you love her as much as you do How do you tell her with out ruining your work relationship and your reputation at work?

This is a tricky situation. Is she dating someone else? If so, be respectful and back off. You wouldn't like to be in that other guy's shoes, would you? It's possible that she may see your relatio... Read More »