How to Express Your Creativity Through Humor?

Answer This could be anythingHave you ever wondered how to be funny and not some one who surfs on the Internet looking for jokes people have already made?That`s does n `t make someone truly funny (just a ... Read More »

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Bloody queue jumpers, what might be your thoughts on people that take a full trolley through the express lane?

I am big and old with a loud voice and no problems about being grumpy. I never have a go at the person on the checkout, it is not their job to enforce the sign and they are not allowed to do it so ... Read More »

How to Add Humor to Your Life?

There are many everyday stresses that can make you lose the laughter and humor from life. Work, commutes and marital issues can all plague a normally happy person. According to the Mayo Clinic, lau... Read More »

How to Crank up Your Creativity?

Creativity is cocooned inside every one of us. However, it can easily become buried under a pile of routine, professionalism, responsibility, and appearing to be "grown up"; or, it can be worn down... Read More »

How to Jumpstart Your Creativity?

Many people get "Artist's block" and are unsure of what to paint or draw. Others, after having no time to practice their Art, wish they had more free time, when they finally get it, they are not in... Read More »