How to Express Using a Positive Exponent?

Answer Using exponents is a common task for algebra and calculus students in high school and college. Using an exponent is a way to raise a value (called a "base") to a certain "power." When you raise a b... Read More »

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Using two positive wires to a speaker instead of a positive and a negative?

The positive subwoofer output is putting out more power than the regular speaker outputs do. The positive and negatives will actually not make a difference in most cases, but could harm some systems.

How do I Calculate an Exponent Using an HP 12C?

The HP 12c financial calculator allows accountants to quickly make complex calculations, such as the time value of money problems. The keys on a financial calculator differ from those on a scientif... Read More »

How to Rewrite Using a Negative Exponent?

You can rewrite a term that has a positive exponent with a negative exponent to make it easier to perform operations with similar terms. For example, if you want to multiply x^(-2) and 1/x^4, you c... Read More »

Can you send email using a free live email account using Outlook Express?

No, you cannot send email using a free Windows Live email account. To better manage spam, Microsoft no longer allows users who subscribe to the free Windows Live email account to configure Microsof... Read More »