How to Export "Rock Band" Songs to "Rock Band 2" on PS3?

Answer When "Rock Band 2" was released for Sony's PlayStation 3 in 2008, it included a line-up of 84 playable songs. However, the 55 songs included with the original "Rock Band" were not immediately acces... Read More »

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How to Export Rock Band 2 Songs to Rock Band 3?

This article will show you how to export Rock Band 2 songs to Rock Band 3. When you do this, you will have a huge song library and a wide variety of songs! You may never have to put in that Rock Ba... Read More »

How to Transfer Rock Band 1 Songs Into Rock Band 2 on Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 ControllerJust picked up Rock Band 2 for the Xbox 360 and want to transfer your songs from Rock Band 1 to your hard drive? This convenient feature eliminates the hassle of swapping game di... Read More »

How to Import Rock Band 1 Songs to Rock Band 2 on the PS3?

For those that own a copy of both "Rock Band" and "Rock Band 2" for the PS3, constantly having to change discs so you can play all the available disc-based songs can be quite the hassle. The good n... Read More »

Can you play Rock Band 1 songs on Rock Band 2?

Yes, you can play your songs from the original "Rock Band" on "Rock Band 2." All you have to do is pay a fee in "Rock Band" to unlock the ability to export the songs from the first game to the seco... Read More »