How to Export Access Data Into a Microsoft Word Document?

Answer An essential task of work teams is creating documents that report their data, such as sales figures. This function requires two applications. One is for creating documents, which is Word's strength... Read More »

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How do I export an MS Access report to a Word document?

Click on the "External Data" tab. Go to the Export panel and click on the Word icon. In the Export-RTF File window's File name box, click the checkbox beside the option to "Open the destination fil... Read More »

How to Import a Microsoft Office Excel Document Into a 2007 Microsoft Word Document?

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word have compatible features so data can be imported between the applications. Word has advanced formatting features that can be incorporated into Excel data such as ... Read More »

How to Export a Word Document to Excel?

Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are part of the Microsoft Office software package. They are, for the most part, compatible with each other in many ways. However, if you try to export a Word docu... Read More »

I have a document that is Microsoft Word how do I print it on a computer that doesn't have Microsoft Word?

If you have access to another computer that has Word on it you can open in on that computer, go to file -> save as -> type in the name of the document -> choose a different file type (RTF is a good... Read More »