How to Explore a Tidal Pool?

Answer Tide pools, small rock cups where seawater collects at low tide, are havens for a stunning diversity of marine life. These pools are also readily accessible to curious nature explorers of all ages.... Read More »

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What Are Tidal Currents?

Tidal currents are the horizontal movements of water in response to tides. Like the tides themselves, they are most pronounced near coasts.

What Are Tidal Waves?

Tsunamis, often referred to as tidal waves, are a series of ocean waves caused by any type of sudden motion on the ocean floor. The motion could be caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, lands... Read More »

What tidal volume for a 3kg neonate?

Tidal Volume for pediatrics Average Tidal Volume is 8-10 ml Kg-1 for a neonate. Hence for a 3 Kg nonate result in a tidal volume of 24-30 ml.

When was wave&tidal energy first used?

Humans have harnessed the powerful energy created by the force of waves since as early as 787 AD. The first wave generators were known as tide mills, and they were used in Spain, France, and Englan... Read More »