How to Explore Your Neighborhood at Night?

Answer If you're reading this, then you're obliviously looking for trouble. Not like that's bad or anything. Let's get started.

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How to Stop Mischief Night in Your Neighborhood?

Tired of your house being vandalized on mischief night? Here is how to stop this tradition.

Tips for Walking at Night When a Neighborhood Watch Is in Effect?

Walking outside at night can create a dangerous situation. Under the cover of darkness, criminal activity can flourish. For this reason, many neighborhoods across the United States have set up a ne... Read More »

POLL: You are driving late at night in a safe but deserted neighborhood when a dog suddenly darts in front?

yes,i would stop and assess the animal.yes, i would definitely contact the owner.i would hope that anyone else would do the same for my pet, if by some chance she were to escape.

If the neighborhood restricts above ground pools does that help increase the home value in the neighborhood?

Answer Difficult question for an above-ground pool company to answer. The premise of the question suggests your answer. Many realtors, as well as surrounding homeowners, see the above-ground opti... Read More »